I design large-scale customer experiences for some of the world’s leading companies, with the products I’ve designed being used by millions of people every day.

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User experience

As a UX all-rounder, this can involve discovery phases, research, customer interviews, workshops, prototyping, and user testing. User-centered design thinking underpins all of my work, from native app design to E-Commerce redesigns.

User interface design

The design and documentation of cohesive, stategically-focused interfaces for digital experiences of all shapes and sizes. Can include brand workshops, research, visual aesthetic design, template design, design system production, and implementation support.

Product design

UX and UI work specific to native apps, whether iOS or Android. Usually a part of wider team, liasing with stakeholders at all levels of the org, focusing on solving specific customer challenges. A typical Product Design project could be designing a new onboarding experience for a financial services app.

Website design

Broadly speaking the design of responsive, impactful websites for orgs of all guises. Can range from marketing websites for new products and services to large-scale eCommerce experiences for global brands. Typically involves a range of UX and UI design activities.

Progressive Web Apps

The design of browser-based applications that give users an experience on par with native apps. A typical PWA project could be a credit card management dashboard, or an interactive interior decor designer.

Brand identity

Helping clients define how their brand is presented to customers, and how that voice can be carried through to all touchpoints, including digital. Includes an overarching aesthetic, colour scheme, logo, typography, iconography, photography, illustration, and guidelines for usage.

Brand strategy

Helping clients shape the foundations of their brand, including core ethos, values, key messaging, tone of voice, storytelling, and personality. If your brand identity is how you present your business to the world, your brand strategy is the scaffolding that holds it up.

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